Sound Waves
Everything in your world is composed of vibration. The moment you feel an emotion, a vibration flows. The moment you think, a sound vibration occurs. The world is sound. You are made of sounds resonating in a vibrational universe full of sounds.Sounds create an endless array of forms, shapes and structures flowing through our bodies and the world. There are trillions upon trillions of these vibratory patterns in the universe, and many cultures understand that these vibrations create the matrix of our universe.

In India and Tibet the 42 seed sounds of Sanskrit created this matrix in sequences of sound known as mantra, and in Sumeria these mantras were known as me, from which we derive the word memes. In Egypt, the Great Pyramid was constructed as a vibratory chamber to harness sound. In Europe, great cathedrals and stone circles were constructed to amplify sound vibrations to attune congregations into this primordial matrix.In the Dogon and Igbo communities of Africa, certain words were seen to be God itself, and were guarded from the public, as in Israel where the secret 215 letter Name of YHWH was said to summon forth the Creator himself.

In the Legend of Adam and the creator story of Brahma, both creators named, and therefore formed, all the objects of the universe by saying their names. Through this power of ‘the Word’, the Creator formed each object through sound.In modern times, stories abound about the power of sound. 

From stories of Tibetan monks using sounds to levitate rocks up mountains, to the French inventor who made giant whistles that pulverised human organs in the 1930’s, to singers who shatter glass and ignite fires through their voices: the power of sound can enact the seemingly miraculous.All ‘miracles’ are seen as ‘magic,’ until one understands the logical and quantum processes behind the phenomenon. 

For example, a smartphone would be seen as evidence of godhood by people a few hundred years ago, with Facebook seen as a device of the gods, and the Internet a Promethean gift. What seems miraculous to us today will be normal in less than twenty years due to the advent of AI, quantum computing and virtual reality.Scientific evidence for the power of sound has been accumulating in recent years. The power of sound to heal and change DNA has been proved. Gregg Braden has recorded Chinese doctors singing sounds in hospitals and healing patients and multiple scientists have documented the use of sound to kill viruses and cancer cells since 2008. [1]The use of Cymatic sound generators by Dr Peter Manners has healed broken bones and all manner of medical complaints. In 2011, Russian biophysicist Garjajev modified DNA using only sound and light frequencies, changing frog embryos to salamander embryos by transmitting the DNA information patterns through sound frequency alone.

Sound can levitate, as evidenced by a team in Spain and the UK in 2015, who built a device that levitates and moves small objects in the air. It is not a stretch of the imagination to conclude that a bigger device could move bigger objects. Peter Davey, a New Zealand native, built a ‘sonic boiler’ that boils water in seconds, using only sound waves.Sound pulses move faster than the speed of light, as a team of scientists demonstrated in 2007. Sound can create light through sonoluminescence, where bursts of light from bubbles arise after being excited by sound, creating enormous amounts of energy. This same team also demonstrated that the velocity of sound waves could become infinite. This is revolutionary information: that sound can move faster than light and can become infinite.

Many of the discoveries about the powers of sound have been weaponized for the modern day battlefield through high frequency millimetre waves. Sound waves can also be used to modulate our weather with the technology known as HAARP. Learning how to use and manipulate sound is what our ancestors and scientists have been working on for millennia. Perhaps it is time for both approaches to come together.

This article is copyright Padma Aon Prakasha 2022. This is an excerpt from the forthcoming book 'The Science of Sound' by Padma Aon Prakasha

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Padma Aon is a wisdom author and vibrational media producer bringing together ancient wisdom and modern science. Padma’s books, music and multimedia are drawn from the traditions he has been initiated into. They include: 'The Power of Shakti,' 'Womb Wisdom,' 'Sacred Relationships' (Inner Traditions), 'The Christ Blueprint', 'The Nine Eyes of Light: Ascension Keys from Egypt' (NAB/Random House), 'Dimensions of Love.'' (O Books). Since 1997, he has presented, lectured and taught Retreats in 20 countries worldwide. Padma is a master of vibrational medicine through sound, and translates the art and science of vibration to create immersions that are moving and alchemical. A globally distributed music producer, Padma has performed worldwide, producing two albums for Sub Rosa/BMG: 'Rhythmic Intelligence' and 'Song of Light,' whilst Resident DJ at Talvin Singhs ground breaking Indian music fusion night 'Anokha' at The Bluenote Club, London. His Album 'Life Cycles' accompanies the book 'Womb Wisdom', voted one of the top 30 spiritual books you must read. His forthcoming album 'The Souls Birth,' with Dr Alex Theory is based on the science of psycho-acoustic frequencies merged with the wisdom of Nada Yoga, Sanskrit and Hebrew. His TV work involved co-discovering the first ever found mummified Tibetan Lama for 'Mystery of the Tibetan Mummy,' (Discovery Channel 01), and narrating the documentary 'Sounds of the Soul' about the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music for Peabody Winner Stephen Olssen, which showed at Cannes and SunDance. As a multi-media producer he created original music and visual content based on the sacred sites of the world for the Moscow Youth Olympics, and created animated soundscapes from five different sacred languages for the 'ONE Project', which played in theatres and festivals in UK, USA and New Zealand. Padma creates from the fruits of his many travels and direct experience in many worlds, East and West. Padma supports the environment by leading large groups on carefully curated Transformational Journeys to culturally significant and sacred sites in 15 countries for the last 20 years on 5 different continents. He has appeared on BBC Radio One, The Times of India, Variety Magazine, Spirit&Destiny, Kindred Spirit, Dreamland Radio, XLR8R and Straight No Chaser amongst others.

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