The Maheshwara Sutra is the key teaching on soundconsciousness in the Vedic tradition, given by Shiva over2200 years ago after his iconic dance of destruction andcreation. It is the clearest exposition of the world beingcreated by sound vibration that has been recorded. The Maheshwara Sutra was revealed by Shiva through hisDrum to a group of […]

The Advent of 5G: Evolution or Destruction?

Padma Aon Prakasha Jul 6 · 6 min read Originally published by All the recent popular movies about superheroes with extraordinary powers are based on innate truths: we have these powers within us. All technology is here for our use as training wheels to help activate us, and remind us of what our innate super powers are, […]

The Advent of 5G: Evolution or Destruction?

Thursday 04th, July 2019 / 10:20 in Health & Healing, Misc. by Padma Aon Prakasha From scientific case studies such as those conducted by Professor Tim Leighton of Southampton University (who discovered that high frequency noises emitted in public spaces often make people feel unwell), it is clear that 4G and 5G and the new higher frequency […]


Padma Aon Prakasha ‘Every person, from morning till evening, is making invisible forms in space by what they say. He is creating invisible vibrations around him, and so he is creating an atmosphere.’’[1] The Spirit of words, known as Kotodama in Japan and Vak in Sanskrit, has a powerful effect on our realities. Words can hurt, inspire, enlighten and […]


“One of the most basic human experiences, one that is genuinely universal and unites, or could unite all of humanity, is the experience of transcendence.” Václav Havel, ex President Czech Republic Our obsession throughout the ages has been to alter our state of mind, to enter into a different vibratory state. Through drinking, dancing, sex, […]