Each of you is a symphony, a collection of notes playing together in harmony. Some people know their music, and can play it clearly and dynamically. These people know themselves well and know their song, they have many notes to play with. When you are in your own song, it is easier to connect with others, as they can find and share resonant sympathetic chords with our own music.

Other people are complex, deep, and unable to understand immediately as they share different chord structures to our own. These are people you might have to spend some time with before you can ‘catch onto’’ or groove with their music.

The ways a song can vary are almost infinite, so each time we meet a new person who is playing their own music at their own rhythm and tempo, we can experience how our music harmonises with theirs. We feel others music instantly, at first sight or first sound; we feel whether the person feels resonant to us, whether we feel attracted or repelled to that person, whether they groove with and fit into our own symphony.

We can also recognise people when they are being true to their own vibration and are playing it without disguise or added notes; without pretence or faking it.

As we are music, we have to work out how to play our theme. What is your key note, what is your resonant chord? What tempos, what rhythms do you move to? What is your soul song? Perhaps some people have more complicated melodies, and it might be harder for them to find their groove and play it to its highest potential. Maybe some people find it easier to play what other people want to hear from them, as they have not yet discovered their own music.

Our main purpose in life is to syncopate, to tune into, these resonant vibrations behind creation and our own soul song. When we get stuck in our life, attached or caught in a negative pattern, it is because one or more of our chords, notes or sounds is not being heard, because it is frozen within us, a frozen music that is not alive, not expressed. Here, we are not tuning into our resonance, our truth.

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